About John Buckley

John Buckley is a photographer in Washington, D.C. whose work has been chosen for publication in the 2018 book entitled “Chasing The Great American Eclipse,” and displayed in group shows such as the Stop Motion (Volume 3) exhibition in 2018, the 2015 Exposed D.C. exhibition and the Leica Store D.C.'s 2013 "D.C. As I See It" exhibition.

All of the images displayed in Tulip Frenzy Photography are available for purchase as fine art prints.  

All images are the copyright of John Buckley.  All rights reserved.

I have been a photographer since a Kodak Instamatic was given to me as a child.  Serious about photography as a teenager, by college the fixation had cooled, as I put all my energy into becoming a writer.  Many years later, when my family and I began spending summers in one of the most picturesque valleys in the American West, this early love was rekindled, and seeking a simple high quality tool, I reached for a Leica.

If you are looking for what unifies the collection of pictures on display -- monochrome images of wildlife, landscapes in the mountain west, street photography in black and white and vivid color --  it is the attempt to capture what Daido Moriyama referred to as "fossils of light and time."  There aren't many "tough pictures" here; few incidents, not many dramatic events.  While these images may be humorous or poignant, and record events in Washington, except for my running tally of demonstrations in the Age of Trump this isn't intended to be documentary photography.  Instead you'll see quiet moments caught by a photographer alone in an environment.  Even when I'm in the bustle of the city, the photos I gravitate toward mostly capture people alone in their thoughts.

Over the years, I’ve written about punk rock (in the late ‘70s/early ‘80s for Rolling Stone, Village Voice, Soho Weekly News, and NY Rocker), worked in senior roles in three presidential campaigns, held executive positions in large corporations, and also written three acclaimed novels – Family Politics, Statute of Limitations, and The Geography Lesson, as well as a bestselling business book, The Business of Happiness by Ted Leonsis with John Buckley. 

Many of the jobs I've held demanded an extroverted personality -- being a spokesman in the chaos of a political campaign, interviewing bands fresh off the stage, maneuvering inside the tumult of big companies.  But even as I thrive in cities, crowds, noise, color, the moments that mean the most to me, the ones that are most fulfilling, are the quiet ones – working on a book, hiking in mountains, alone together with my wife and son.  I think this introverted sensibility both shapes and is reflected in the pictures here.

So what's with the site's title? Since 2008, I have published the website Tulip Frenzy, which bills itself as “Commentary On Music (Mostly), With An Occasional Photograph.” Over time, this descriptor has proved false, as the commentary on music became occasional and publishing of photographs seemed to become its purpose.  It made sense to create a freestanding website to display photography, ah, but what to call it? I think of Tulip Frenzy Photography as a brand extension of the original Tulip Frenzy, which will continue in its present form. I hope you think of it as a repository of quality photography.

Finally, a note on the site's navigation: on the upper right hand corner of each gallery, there is a button which enables the visitor to see the entire gallery as a set of thumbnails, and also provides a brief explanation of the photos contained in it.